Classroom Assessment Standards

The Classroom Assessment Standards for PreK-12 Teachers are intended to provide classroom teachers in pre-kindergarten through high school with research-based principles and guidelines for effective assessment of student learning. These standards are not intended to apply to standardized tests, but instead may be used to help guide strategies for tracking or assessing student abilities at the classroom level.

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Intended Uses

  1. Preparing pre-service teachers
  2. Professional development for in-service teachers
  3. Understanding assessment practices for teacher evaluations and feedback by principals, mentors and other supervisors
  4. Individual use by teachers who want to improve their practice

Standards Statements


  • F1 Assessment Purpose
  • F2 Learning Expectations
  • F3 Assessment Design
  • F4 Student Engagement in Assessment
  • F5 Assessment Preparation
  • F6 Informed Students and Parents/Guardians


  • U1 Analysis of Student Performance
  • U2 Effective Feedback
  • U3 Instructional Follow-Up
  • U4 Grades and Summary Comments
  • U5 Reporting


  • Q1 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
  • Q2 Exceptionality and Special Ed
  • Q3 Unbiased and Fair Assessment
  • Q4 Reliability and Validity
  • Q5 Reflection


The full work should be cited as follows:

Klinger, D.A., McDivitt, P.R.,Howard, B.B., Munoz, M.A., Rogers, W.T., & Wylie, E.C. (2015). The Classroom Assessment Standards for PreK-12 Teachers. Kindle Direct Press.